Monday, 30 January 2012

Running On Fumes

Easing back a bit on the blogging recently and this is likely to last for a couple of weeks. Looks like everyone else is doing similarly...

Cabinet (2nd Feb) agenda out:

First up is the “Still Running 3” item about runaways, where the report says that using what’s already there is a better option to setting up a new Working Party. I agree with that recommendation. Specifically relating to looked after children, there are already a number of different Groups involved with this and an extra one isn’t likely to improve things. I’m not saying that TDC shouldn’t be looking to help where it can but that when it does, it has to be focused. I commented nearly 3 years ago on this and proposed the relevant Cabinet Member being involved in an “overwatch” role. Looking back at it, while I don’t think it was an awful idea, it doesn’t quite fit in with the Council’s own position. The Cabinet Member (in this case Cllr Iris Johnston) should really be ensuring that there are sufficient facilities for those needing help, working with the KCC counterpart to ensure the delivery of services is maintained properly.

Next is the scheduling of consideration of the half hour free parking in Birchington. I touched on this during the Full Council preview last month. Discussion dates can now be pencilled in for Overview (March 6th), Cabinet (29th March) and Full Council (19th April) and the new set up will take effect on the 4th June. 

The Statement of Community Involvement comes up afterwards with a consultation to come there.

On the issue of consultation and in particular Manston, it’s clear the report places serious doubts on the evidence produced to support night flights. As much as consultation was promised, if it’s clear that it’s not going to happen, consulting on it is a pointless thing to do and a waste of resources and Labour might as well have simply returned to sender.
On the pre-determination rules which caused the Labour Group such trouble that they changed their policy to one of free choice before making it clear that their manifesto was the choice all along, those have now changed. Basically as long as a Councillor declares themselves open minded, even though they are blatantly biased, its cool.

Hartsdown is next and the final decision on the leases. If the item lasts longer than 10 minutes, it'll be too long…

Budget Monitoring Report and a look at previous Overview recommendations, which might get a little debate but unlikely to be anything serious. A look at progress against the Interim Corporate Plan too which is worth a look at then the press and public get the boot…

 ...because an intriguing discussion about a Housing Intervention programme for Margate Central and Cliftonville West comes last which is a big thing for the two wards and with serious implications for both TDC and KCC. I will come back to this when Ive had a bit more time to mull this over.

Sadly I cant make this meeting, nor the Full Council meeting later in the month so there wont be a results show, but Im sure we’ll hear plenty about it Friday morning regardless!

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