Saturday, 22 May 2010

Gifts, promises and confessions

At the TDC AGM held earlier this month the Opposition were given the pick of Overview and Scrutiny Chair, under the pretense of working in a more friendly atmosphere. Whether it'll last is a matter for debate but given TDC elections on May 5th next year, Im not optimistic.

We see in election literature often enough "I/We will work with others to...", a pledge which in the cold light of practical politics goes out the window pretty quickly. I should know since 3 years ago I used that very language when talking about the proposed Westwood development. Of course I wasnt successful, perhaps thats an indication why. You will hear that a lot more in months to come though.

Labour, shunted into opposition by the coalition, is still shell shocked by whats happened. This is most clear when you look at the immediate actions of the former Cabinet members now standing for the leadership and their comments on how wrong the Iraq war was. Such an admission is not enough as their keeping quiet led to the invasion. Their journey is only just beginning and they shouldnt assume that admitting guilt over Iraq will absolve them of 13 years of abusing the trust of the public.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Results are in...

Thanet North held by Roger Gale with a modest increase to the Conservative vote but a severe drop in Labour support, just 828 votes ahead of the LIb Dems. As I commented elsewhere, the candidate was the wrong one for the area. It was obvious early on, a candidate no one had heard of making very little comment and what looked like a half-hearted campaign.

Thanet South was won by Laura Sandys with a strong 7617 majority. Labours vote dropped by around 2000 and an increased turnout worked in her favour.

In a slight non-Thanet deviation, it was good to see Charles Elphicke see off Gwyn Prosser in Dover last night. He will make a great MP.

Nationally its looking like a hung Palriament with the Conservatives as clearly the biggest single party. There is talk that Labour is looking for a coalition with the LIb Dems, the cost being electoral reform. That would be a bad thing for the country. A decision over electoral reform shouldnt be a bargaining chip to be offered in exchange for retaining the keys to Downing Street.