Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Three Towers Part II

An easier Planning agenda this Wednesday. First up is the site inspection at Chambers Wall Farm.

The former Embassy Hotel in Cliftonville is perhaps the star item of the evening with proposals to overhaul the building, turning it into 2  4-bedroom properties as part of the Housing Intervention project. Getting rid of the front extension and most of the rear one is a very good idea and this looks a strong application.

Bramble Lane comes up next with a bit of planning history to it and this is for retrospective consent. Its a self contained plot but its in the countryside so is against the Local Plan. I think I'm missing something here. Recommendation to approve.

A couple of applications for solar panels this time round as well, one for the Council Offices and one for the Thanet Crematorium. For the Council Offices one its an approval recommendation but for the latter it needs to go to public consultation so it’s a defer and delegate jobbie with approval attached.

Second to last is Richborough Power Station for a second showing. This is about the specific issue of at what point the blast can be stopped, in case of an electricity issue. A number of Councillors took the view that the relevant parties needed to get together to sort it out between themselves and to come back once they had. Well, they did, and the Committee now has new wording for that condition. If only they had done that before the last time this was considered...

Rounding things off is a report on enforcement decisions.

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