Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Margate Parkrun - Join In The Fun!

After a long week, many of you will love a Saturday morning lie-in. I sure do. However, I've given up the past couple of Saturday mornings to help out with an event being held in Palm Bay, Margate, called Parkrun. You may have heard of these events being held elsewhere, but its now come to Thanet!

Basically, it’s a free timed 5km (about 3 miles) run along the seafront between the Cliftonville Bandstand and the Pumping Station each Saturday. Run by volunteers, it’s a community-led event giving opportunity for people to get together and have some fun, running at whatever pace suits them. It won’t take long and the event is over by 10am!

Volunteers and runners simply need to register online and print off a barcode that they bring to the event and can be used at any Parkrun event across the country. The jobs involved in running these events are simple and wont keep you too long. Any help would be very welcome. 

For more information, please visit the Margate Parkrun website