Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Keeping Margate Central Clean II

To update from last weeks blog, the rubbish from the house I photo'd at Addington Road has been cleared, but the rubbish from the house immediately to the left is still there. 

The following are pictures taken this evening.

A hotspot at Shakespeare Road,first brought up on FixMyStreet on 2nd October 2008, then 1st March 2009, 12th April 2009 and 15 April 2009. I have no doubt the problems continued but residents gave up on the website.

The following is Poet's Corner highlighted on FixMyStreet recently by a resident and on my last blog.

Given the collection was Monday, a sight like this was a suprise. 

Cowper Road, just round the corner from Shakespeare Road.

Before moving on from this part of Margate, I had a good chat with a resident about the way street cleaning and rubbish collection was handled. They felt that while it was good to see a street cleaner on their road, the first in a while, they didnt finish the road and left a little pile of dirt where they stopped... They think the scheduling of the street cleaner could be better for the area. There are little bits of broken glass strewn along Milton Avenue, where kids were playing. They weren't impressed with the way the alleyways were cleaned. This is a complaint that has been brought up before on FixMyStreet. 

Grosvenor Place. Im pleased to see the other end was cleared up where the wind sucks the rubbish down the road though I wonder whether it'll last.

There are still problems to deal with. As a half time status, only a minority of the items on my list sent to the Council have been dealt with. Hopefully the pictures above will encourage action...


DrM. said...

You can see from the pictures that these are residents dumping bags in the street outside collection times. The council has crews on constant rotation around Margate central and Cliftonville to try and keep the mess down. As a consequence other areas of Thanet go without!!

This broadly reflects anti-social behaviour on the part of some residents who do not use the system properly and the scheduled collection times.

Anonymous said...

So Doc, this is a consistent problem across the isle - anti social behaviour with residents dumping rubbish in the streets. How are you tackling it? How can those residents appalled tackle it?

ascu75 aka Don said...

I agree with you Simon but at the same time I have seen bin men have a bag break and just leave the rubbish as lit fell. Surely thhey have the were with all to pick it up but OH NO the just carried on.