Friday, 8 February 2013

Breaking Old News

Sorry to disappoint those wanting a review of last night's Council meeting but while I was there for the start and the finish, I seemed to miss all the action, so I am reliant on the Councils own recording. Finger's crossed!

To update on a couple of items which seem to be attracting traffic, work is progressing on the former Focus DIY site on Pysons Road to get it ready for it's re-opening as a childrens soft play area. No idea when it'll be open (Update - Now Open) but I'm sure we'll all hear about it when it does. 

Secondly, the planning application for Soper's Yard, Margate was refused by Planning Committee last month. The reason I didn't blog on that one was because the Gazette published all the results for that Planning meeting on its front page that week so it seemed a bit pointless. Contrary to some reports, it wasn't refused on the Chair's deciding vote, rather it was a straight majority decision.

Onto this week's excitement over gay marriage, with Roger Gales speech being available online via Hansard not long after he made it, the fuss made about it should have been considerably less than it was. He made his view known and voted accordingly. No one expected him to do otherwise and there was no way the vote was going to be won by the Noes, so what's the problem? Is it perhaps because the speech he made was not too many days after Phillip Hammond was attacked for speaking his own mind on a similar note therefore its an easy target? I dont agree with Roger on the issue but that doesnt make him a liar or indeed a "chief bigot".

Above said, in a weeks time all that will be forgotten and itll be something else that will be sucking up all our attention.