Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sparrow Castle/Cowper Road, Margate

I regularly walk around Margate specifically to see how street cleaning and rubbish collection is going and I'm becoming more concerned at the increasing frequency of dumped rubbish in the Cowper Road/Sparrow Castle area. Given the YMCA building is not in use, it’s become a dumping site now, so much so that in the car park there is a TDC Enviro-Crime sticker informing people that it's being investigated. It was put there months ago... The two wheelie bins and the handful of black sacks to the left of them in the first shot were put out two days ago.

The FixMyStreet website has numerous complaints of rubbish being left on Sparrow Castle (its been a problem for years). A local businessman back in July had to sort it out himself.

The broken glass has returned to the Lord Byron Alleyway, strewn along the right hand side of the following photo:

...and the unbeatable black sack has returned to Dane Park. 

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