Monday, 9 January 2012

Overview & Scrutiny Panel 10th Jan

Quick preview for Tuesday evening’s Overview and Scrutiny Panel meeting. Plenty for Members to consider so should be an interesting one and with enough items to provide some moments of spice. Looks like a full house is expected, which is always nice to see.

A few presentations taking place with the RNLI commenting on the possible relocation of the Lifeboat House to the Main Sands from the Rendezvous.

Next up is Matt Hyland from East Kent Opportunities, though the public agenda pack is a little empty when it comes to information on this. Half the reports being put together are confidential and the rest will be part of the presentation.

Then we have the Budget, with Cllr Rick Everitt doing the talk and consideration of the past years performance. Looking at the Panel’s membership and what was said at the Cabinet meeting last week, it’ll be interesting to hear what Members have to say.

Next up is the establishment of (deep breath) an Electoral
Registration Process Review Working Party. Be warned readers, to protect myself against the threat of RSI, I will only use the shorthand ERPRWP in future… Basically this follows on from Cllr Will Scobies online analysis about missing voters and aims to give advice to the Electoral Registration Officer when it is due to report back on 1st May.

Then we have consideration of Individual Cabinet Member Decisions. This follows on from the decision over Leslie Hotel in Cliftonville. The Ward Councillors (Cllrs Hart, Aldred and Clark) felt they weren’t properly consulted about it and Members felt similarly. It’s a fair cop. There’s always been a bit of fuzziness about this. The solution could be to place restrictions on the use of this process but the Leslie Hotel one I recall was a decision which had to be made with some haste because of the area. Perhaps we will hear some more info about the process at the meeting tomorrow. It’s possible we will have another Working Party to look into this, and no, I’m not going to print the name. Perhaps we can have a Working Party into the stupidly long names for these things…

We finish up with some housekeeping items on things like a report on the work programme and the Forward Plan. 

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Will Scobie said...

Thanet Council's recent record on electoral registration is worrying, and I am glad that Scrutiny is now planning on looking into this. Hopefully we can come up with some constructive proposals that will allow us to make best use of the resources to tackle this problem. I live in hope.