Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rumours And Reality - What To Do

A rumour has been bunged about that Worrow is going for TDC Council Chair this coming Thursday. I haven’t really believed it but these rumours have a nasty habit of becoming real. Labour’s desire to retain power has seen it bartering with TIG and this does TDC no good at all given the numbers involved in this. Labour must have realised by now that this isn’t tenable as a strategy for running TDC and this is visible on Members' faces as they watch their speeches. So what can be done? I propose a simple solution.

Just Say No

TIG needs Labour for justification for their actions by providing some form of, for lack of a better word, compensation in return for the crucial votes. It gambled away all its eggs on a Labour administration but has no fallback position to retreat to should Labour cut the arrangement. Would it vote for a Conservative administration? No chance. Unfortunately Labour has been tied to TIG for long enough now that it sticks. Parking fees will now be the bond between Labour and TIG that will last till the next TDC elections.

What should they do then if not making Worrow Council Chair? Easy. Clive Hart and Bob Bayford should sit down and agree a joint nomination that would carry both Groups’ votes. Worrow must not be Chair. You might remember that Cllr Cohen quit Tom King’s Independents for TIG because of the possible Cllr Bob Grove Chairmanship. The issue wasn’t Cllr Grove as a person, it was apparently because of the lack of consultation on the move. So why not him? It makes sense.

It may take a long time to do this on a more than occasional basis, but Labour and the Conservatives have to find a way to co-exist in order to block TIG and whatever damage it might inflict. It will require changes in mindset of both Groups but if we are to make this argument that Thanet’s problems are bigger than the differences between the Groups a reality, then this coming Thursday is the best opportunity to start that process.


simon moores said...

James.. Labour is not prepared to talk.. consult etc. Everything comes as a surprise these days. Airport, Theatre Royal, you name it. It's all a Faites Accompli in this new progressive administration!

(This time without the spelling mistake)

Anonymous said...

Well said, the answer is obvious for the sake of Thanet Hart and Bayford should put aside any differences they may have and reach a sensible solution on this issue. Worrow as Chairman "you are having a laugh"

Anonymous said...

I voted for John Worrow as a Conservative. What a mistake I made.

Peter Checksfield said...

Looks like Simon's given up on that idea without even trying!

Chris Wells said...

No Peter, conversations were started and offered some weeks ago. Hat made it clear he was tying his future to the Tiggywinkles.

Anonymous said...

True - Simon made mention of it in his blog a few weeks ago. Labour obviously prefer grubby deals at taxpayers' expense....power at all costs.

simon moores said...

Better see the attack on Minnis Bay Watch on the TIG website tonight, following the letter to the Gazette from Heather Seer, carried on ThanetLife


Lock Ness has its monster, Cinderella has the two ungly sister, but Minnis Bay has 'The Pig Monster'

A press conference was held in Minnis Bay today to share the details surrounding what they claim is their "discovery" of a foot print from a 'Pig Monster'. The print was found on the green near the Minnis Beach Pub Beach CAFE. It was discovered by Mr Dimwit of the angry bigots society who confirmed that the print was part human. Mr Dimwit said " I was so concerned that the Pig Monster might come back with more ugly pigs that I got together with my angry friends to form a new society called Minnis Pig Watch"

*The 'PIG MONSTER' has been spotted at local events and is apparently so ugly it could not possibly be human.

James Maskell said...

Thanks Simon. I'm guessing this is also a preview of the campaign they will mount against whoever gets selected as Conservative candidate in Westgate?

Heads up for tomorrows meeting, I will be transcribing parts of the webcast that I think the public need to see.

Im also going to be blogging about tonight's Planning meeting, which had a suprise conclusion.