Friday, 11 May 2012

Byron Avenue Alleyway Update

Pictures taken this morning at the alleyway between Byron Avenue and Dane Park. I dont think the photos show the full extent of that broken glass.

I also notice an increase in the amount of fly tipping outside the Thanet Motor Centre on Addington Street. This is an area previously investigated by the Council's Enviro-crime bunch. No idea what, if any, action was taken back then but its now becoming almost a daily occurence.


Anonymous said...

Instead of blogging about it young man - take a leaf out of Mayor Scobie's book and get out your arm chair and clean it up!

Anonymous said...

I thought young Mr Scobie was simply mayor elect and had not actually taken over from Iris yet. Does 18:02 know something the rest of us don't?

As for the getting out of his chair bit, surely councillors receive an allowance in order to serve the public whereas ordinary residents like James do not.

In any case, one of thse young men is on a profile raising trip whilst the other just takes an interest.