Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Dane Park

An awful lot has changed at Dane Park with a new playground, a hard court and some work currently being done to the Cecil Square end of the park to open up the view. The fountain has become a giant flowerpot (above) and has recently been given a makeover.

What do you think about the look of Dane Park now? Do you have any suggestions for further improvements?

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Anonymous said...

It looks as if it’s been TANGOED.
It's been painted, at best, I'd say orange. It looks awful.

The new play area for the children looks great! At least TDC can get something right.

Dane Park was previously farm land and a local resident, Mr John Woodward purchased it at an auction in 1895. Mr Woodward presented the land to the inhabitants of Margate to form the park, together with additional land for forming and widening the surrounding roads and six acres of building land on the south west side of the park, with the proceeds derived from the sale to be devoted towards the expenses of the park. Dane Park was opened by the Lord Mayor of London on June 1st 1898. Dane Park had a substantial lake, rustic bridges, swans and peacocks, refreshment rooms and a bandstand.
The fountain was erected by the corporation of Margate as a memorial to the late Mr John Woodward, who was a native of Margate.