Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Death of Dreamland

Margate needs as much help as possible with Westwood sucking the life out of the High Street and Northdown Road. The fire at Dreamland has dealt a crushing blow to any hopes of a recovery for the town. I don’t care who was responsible for the fire itself though Im sure readers have a good idea of who they think would be in the frame. The fact is that the Scenic Railway has been severely damaged and with it Margate itself.

It’s now a free for all as far as housing development at Dreamland is concerned. The Scenic Railway and its Listed status was the only obstacle. Unless the Scenic Railway can be rebuilt to the way it was, the Local Plan barrier to full development on the site no longer has any force.

Margate is dying. All the good things from Margate I remember from my childhood are fast disappearing with no substantial replacement. What is left for children in Margate today and why is so little being done to sort it out?

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