Saturday, 15 March 2008

More to be done

I have lived in Cliftonville for almost two years now and seen a lot of things while here, both good and bad. One thing which showed a thoroughly nasty side of Cliftonville was about two weeks ago.

At the door of the property at Northdown Road opposite Munro Cobb where the well publicised death occurred recently there had been half a dozen bunches of flowers as well as an Arsenal shirt. Two women went to the charity shop by the Albion Bookshop one evening (about 9pm) and after grabbing a boxful of goods laying outside the shop, crossed the road and collected an armful of flowers from the memorial site then wandered on up Northdown Road towards Margate.

Cliftonville may have many people who have problems but the story of the death had been all around the area and it would suprize me a lot of they weren’t aware of what the purpose of the flowers were. Its disheartening to see things like that when you’d think people had more sense and respect than that.

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