Saturday, 22 March 2008

Cameron cycling coverage

If ever any evidence was required to show the bias of the BBC in favour of the Government, yesterdays coverage of David Cameron being caught by the Daily Mirror riding his bike in the wrong way showed exactly that. They dragged a Labour MP, Stephen Pound, to the studio to discuss the expose and brought up the issue a number of times through the afternoon. Stephen Pound, a long time MP who has appeared in front of TV cameras a number of times, was happy to help drive the stake in.

While I understand the point made by those bringing this up, that lawmakers shouldn’t be law breakers, the BBC has gone overboard in its coverage of this pretty small story, when on more serious situations, such as Ruth Kelly MP, current Secretary for Transport, using Parliamentary allowances to fund partisan political campaign material last year the BBC mentioned it but went no further. Yes, Cameron should have been the first the realise the danger of being caught and this being given the importance it doesn’t deserve and shouldn’t have ridden his bike like that but the coverage is ridiculous. It took the coverage off the far more important stories of Ben Bradshaw having to defend the Government's Bill on embryo research and government quotes on large class sizes.

I say this having nearly been run down on Northdown Road (Harold Road) last week by some idiot driving a silver Mondeo who turned early and forgot to indicate, who could only defend themselves with a “Sorry, didn’t see you”. I wonder when the driver would have noticed…perhaps when I went through the car’s windscreen?

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