Friday, 15 July 2011

TDC Full Council (updated)

Another Council meeting last night with negativity clouding most speeches.

First up, there was unanimity over live animal exports. Despite the motion being proposed by Cllr Fenner, it was Cllr Driver who has been the driving force (pun not intended) behind this after setting up the public meeting in Ramsgate and summing up well what the Chamber felt.

Night flights was rather different. The proposed motion (the recommendations of the last Airport Working Party) was seen as invalid because it was deemed to be ‘pre-determination’. The incoming Localism Bill will scrap this rule, but as the moment the rule still stands. Labour’s motion is pre-determination, especially when considered alongside Labour’s manifesto pledges on Manston. Last night Cllrs Hart and Fenner both referred to the importance of the Labour manifesto, something Cllr David Green has also done on his own blog. The manifesto pledge is very clear. Labour doesn’t want night flights and would rule them out. Labour's already decided how they would act were a night flight proposal to appear. It is what it is.

During this debate very heated comments were made by Members, the vast majority coming from Labour. One Member made extremely serious allegations. They know who they are and they know what they said. They should either withdraw those comments or go through the proper process. It should not be aired in the Council Chamber.

This will continue while Labour Leader Cllr Clive Hart fails to keep control of his group. By calling last nights behaviour “robust debate” he only justifies it. Its not good enough to just dismiss it. Ive been to enough meetings to know how normal last night is, but it doesn’t change the fact that its unacceptable.

Thanet is changing. Things dont have to be the way they are, nor should they be. We must strive to change Thanet, transforming its prospects and boosting its profile. Last nights behaviour undermines this by showing Thanet at its worst.

Change must come to the Council Chamber.

Update (17:50):

Cllr Hart has made a statement on Margate Architecture's blog detailing his outrage at the night flights debate last night. Ive already mentioned the rule of 'pre-determination' above which fully explains the reason why the motion was denied. The meeting was adjourned for 10 minutes to allow Members time to read the legal advice and they asked questions afterwards for over 10 minutes on top of a 15 minute adjournment from the previous agenda item on live exports. Cllr Hart's comment that the motion is in keeping with the manifesto pledge only further undermines his case.

Cllr David Green has said on his blog that the motion from last night was not because Overview and Scrutiny deferred consideration of the Airport Working Party's recommendations until the next meeting. Cllr Hart states that actually it is the reason. So who's right, Cllr Hart or Cllr Green? Labour's entire policy on Manston is untenable..

Cllr Hart now calls the debate "intense" rather than "robust". Will he go the whole hog and just admit that his Members behaved appallingly and that one of them made a serious allegation and will withdraw it at the soonest opportunity?


Anonymous said...

Well Said..

Anonymous said...

So who are tdc representing? Infratil, or thanet council tax payers?

James Maskell said...

TDC represents all of its residents, and so it should. Manston Airport is an asset of Thanet, not just Ramsgate. I support the airport and want it to do well, as its success is to Thanet's benefit.

I don't live in Ramsgate but I strongly believe that it should not have to suffer for the rest of Thanet. All options must be considered to make it easier for those living on the flight path.

Anonymous said...

You really should make clear that you are not a neutral observer of Council business. As a former Conservative TDC Candidate, and presumably still a member of the Conservative Party, you have a biased view which comes across in your "reports".

James Maskell said...

My profile already makes it clear I stood in 2007. As for bias, I criticised a Conservative for speaking against Arlington Tescos then voting in favour of it.

I am a Conservative but too much importance is placed on the colour of the party rather than the quality of the argument. This needs to change.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with you James, but transparency and honesty are also important. You do not declare your politics - which go further than just voting Tory - in your profile, and I think you should.

James Maskell said...

Happy to do so.

Anonymous said...

You are a gentleman.