Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Rambling through Ramsgate

A frequent complaint by those in Ramsgate that it's overlooked in favour of Margate, particularly when it comes to major projects such as the Turner Contemporary. I paid a visit toRamsgate this morning to see if that was the case. The simple answer is Ramsgate does perfectly well without it and can do better...

A Harbour which any town would want and which puts Margate's to shame. A Promenade kept tidy and with wonderful views going South. The redevelopment at the Main Sands will complete the regeneration of that area after the sad demise of the Pleasurama. If good use can be made of the former Casino, that would be the cherry on the top. A good High Street which is much busier than Margate's. A raft of good restaurants to choose from. Ellington Park looked gorgeous. Ramsgate should take great pride in what it has to offer.

Ramsgate has to stop comparing itself to Margate. Such a negative approach does the town no favours. Instead it should embrace change and look positively to channel it in the manner best suited for itself. The people best placed to improve Ramsgate are already there. The Councillors - Town, District and County - are elected for a purpose, to improve their wards for the residents. Its up to them first and foremost to lead this change.

The people though have a role to play, demanding more from their Councillors. They should be pushing Councillors to be positive and instead of saying "We dont like this" or "This isnt appropriate" should be coming up with alternatives. This is where community groups come to the fore, supporting Councillors and offering their own ideas and contributions.

Ramsgate must find the confidence to embrace change rather than seeing it as a threat. Change can be difficult and certainly its not always smooth, but it works in the end.


Anonymous said...

Thats why with a big event taking place in Ramsgate the TDC web site's headliner is a question on Margates Big event.
Surely they should be promoting Ramsgate Week?
The questionaire can wait a week or two. All the evidence points to TDC being Margate centric.

James Maskell said...

I agree, they should be promoting upcoming events above feedback for past ones. Seems more cock-up than conspiracy though. A word in the website planners ear and a little imagination could get this fixed with little trouble. The HTML cant be too difficult.

Best of luck to all involved in Ramsgate Week. I'm sure it'll be a big success.

Readit said...

You are right, Ramsgate is a beautiful place but your superficial comments only underline how little you know about the place.

You say "promenade kept tidy".

Was that the Westcliff rose garden kept tidy by volunteers from WCCA

Nelson Crescent garden kept tidy by volunteers from Nelson Crescent and Prospect Terrace RA.

The waterfall planted by volunteers from Ramsgate Society.

Or the Victoria Promenade cleaned by volunteers from Friends of Ramsgate.

"Redevelopment of Royal Sands" taken 12 years to start and now at a standstill through lack of finance.

Ramsgate could be the jewel in the crown of Thanet tourism and assist Margate to regenerate, instead it has no tourism office and only puts on a brave face with the help of numerous unpaid volunteers including the Ramsgate Town Councilors who voted their own expenses to benefit the town