Monday, 6 August 2012

TDC Overview - Breaking It Down

Overview & Scrutiny meeting tomorrow and one of the items is about the various sub-Groups of the Panel. Bit of a mixed bunch. Here’s my thoughts in this first part of the preview…

One for the Manston readers is the Airport Working Party, chaired by Cllr Gideon (Con). Ive mentioned her before in OSP reports and she’s a good pick. Other Members are Alexandrou, Gibson, Harrison (all Labour), Bruce, Marson (Con) , Grove (Ind) and Worrow (TIG). On their Work programme is going to be a review of the 106 agreement, a look at the regional airport situation and considering any future night flight proposals, though that last one isn’t likely to go very far since I doubt a proposal will come this year. The key for this Party is to establish how Manston can be successful despite the Council’s decision to block any form of night flights. Looking at the membership, this might prove tricky.

Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership Working Party came out with a good report in the last Council year and this one looks to build on that work. Chaired by Cllr Wiltshire (Con) and supported by Edwards, Green, Hibbert (all Lab), M Tomlinson, Coleman-Cooke (Con), King (Ind) and Cohen (TIG) their job is to follow up on the Community Safety Action Plan agreed earlier this year and its priorities (anti-social behaviour, domestic violence, substance misuse and violent crime). This also includes considering housing management. The relevant Cabinet Member is expected to speak before this Party and this one could bear some fruit.

This next one needs some explanation…

Welfare Reform Task & Finish Group on the basis of 4 of the 6 members attending was to be chaired by Cllr Driver and he was elected as Chair but when he informed the Working Party of his employment at Citizen’s Advice Bureau (which is public knowledge, having been quoted in the Gazette more than once) he agreed to step down at tomorrow’s OSP meeting. He was, however, allowed to stay for the meeting to help steer the agreement of terms of reference because the Monitoring Officer said so. This doesn’t smell right at all. He was clearly biased and shouldn’t have been there, even to steer the terms of reference which were extended to discuss the impact on Council finances. Basically everything is put off till late October, so good luck getting anything useful for TDC. Other Members are Cllrs Campbell, Gibson (Lab), Moores, Sullivan (Con) and King (Ind).

Corporate Improvement & Budget Working Party to be Chaired by Cllr Binks and supported by Campbell, Will Scobie (Lab), Wise (Con), Grove (Ind) and Worrow (TIG). A wide remit here looking at the Budget and Corporate Plan. Might get results but I’m not sure. The Corporate Plan is flimsy and the Budget debate is going to be far sharper than last years, so agreement might prove harder to achieve.

On Shared Services Working Party, Cllr Hornus became Chair but if attendance is anything to judge by, this could be a tough one to follow.  Two Members absent and one substituted out of a membership of six. Wait and see…

The Trauma Review one has has already had a presentation from East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust Chief Stuart Bain. It hasn't elected a Chair yet.

Electoral Registration Task & Finish Party carries on from last year which got some good work done. You might recall Will Scobie was the face of this though Cllr Cohen was the Chair. It will have to get its skates on and this is something the membership is aware of given elections aren't far away.

There is potentially another one to add here on Minnis Bay Day Centre, looking into the fees being charged for it but that’s on the agenda for this OSP meeting. 

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