Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Broadstairs HMOs Mixed Result

One of the things I've mentioned in previous reports about Planning applications is that because of the way Planning works, although two applications might seem the same, it doesn't necessarily follow that they should have the same conclusion. They have to consider each one separately and on its merits.

Tonight we saw this in practice with the consideration of the two HMO applications in Broadstairs, where the first application, being in a smaller, more cramped part of the area was refused planning consent, while the other, being in a bigger property with easier access and a "better" area was granted consent. A bit of a mixed decision for the concerned residents to receive but this only underlines that point above. The differing locations were pencilled as a key factor in why both applications weren't considered together in the last Planning meeting, thus why there were two votes. This is a bit of a precedent in that this is the first time an Article 4 direction has been used to pull an HMO application before Planning.

The proposed bar at Albion Street, "The Chapel" was granted consent with conditions after extended debate. The applicant owns "The Lifeboat" so you can imagine the sort of place that'll appear. Good luck to the owner in making it a reality.

There was a lot of debate on Focus Do it All on the principle of it being industrial versus the fact that its been disused for such a time that surely it can be put to better use as a soft play area. Eventually the Committee decided to overturn the refusal recommendation and grant consent.

On the remaining applications, the security fence proposed for Ramsgate Harbour was passed but with significant grievance about the fact it was required at all. The St Peters Road Garages application was refused on the basis that one of the units pushed what was an acceptable development into refusal territory. This one might come back with amendments.

Cabinet meeting tomorrow evening next Thursday. With the Budget Outturn report, Fort Hill Road Hotel and Pierremont Park on the agenda there will definitely be something more meaty in tomorrow evening's next week's review. Ill have a read of the papers and give a few thoughts this weekend.

(Yes, I noticed that Royal Sands is on the agenda too, but its been withdrawn so many times previously I daren't believe it might actually happen...)


Anonymous said...

Cabinet is next week, the 26th not the 19th, James.

James Maskell said...

So it is. Scrub that then. Ill sort out a preview blog for this weekend.

Tim Clark said...

The fence in the port may be unfortunate but I'm afraid there is no choice. Google "ISPS" or "AMSA" for an answer