Friday, 27 April 2012

Muddled Thoughts

I was going to transcribe the gay marriage debate but the quality of debate was so poor that it'd be a waste both of my time and those of readers. It was so poor that even when a Tory came out publicly in favour of the motion and argued that he was changing his mind he was still shouted at. If the campaigners were better behaved about this and calmer in their approach, its quite possible they could have persuaded more Members. 

As a result of a decision at last week’s Council meeting, Ian Driver rejoins Overview and Tom King joins Planning Committee. I get the feeling Overview members aren’t happy at this prospect but Im happy to see Tom in Planning. Overview this coming Tuesday and I will try to put together a little preview this weekend.

Will Scobie is likely to become Margate’s new Mayor on Monday. TIG has backed him as a “progressive” which doesn’t mean much as its just a buzzword, not to mention that none of the TIG members have a say in the matter. John Worrow’s "Leader's View" article proves that as ever with him, there’s a trap or tactic involved.

I’d be happier with the increase in the Councillor Allowances if it came coupled with an indication of when Labour will look to reduce Councillor numbers. Im not saying this to cause trouble because I agree entirely with that policy. Fifty-six is too many for a District of this size. I’d be even happier if it wasn’t such a large increase. Inflation isn’t going to average 3.5% over this year.

An interesting Planning application for the former Focus warehouse on Pyson’s Road has appeared, proposing the change of use of part of it into a children’s play area. Im half expecting to see it appear at a Planning Committee meeting.

Ahead of what I think might be Cabinet's consideration of more seagull proof bags next month, could I please be a little selfish and ask for some to go to Hawley Square? The seagulls look to be having too much fun with our rubbish…

Thanet Star asking for a mirror to be put on the exit of Tenterden Way onto Millmead Road because of the lack of visibility of traffic turning left into Tenterden. I had a mosey by the area yesterday and I can vouch for it. The streetlight, trees and the cars parked along the road, theres not much warning for traffic either way. Petition can be found here

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