Thursday, 29 March 2012

Urgent Decision - Ethelbert Crescent

TDC Cabinet considering a lot of items Ive mentioned in past reports tonight so Im not going to go over that again. Simon Moores got in his preview last night and Michael Child has commented on his area of interest (dont knock it. Its good to see someone is paying attention to the issue and asking for answers, however uncomfortable they might be). Ill be coming along so Ill stick something up tonight once Ive put together some congent thoughts. 

Margate Architecture following on from their talk on the Post Office planning application last week with a couple of observations put down on pixels. Food for thought.

An Urgent Decision notice was signed yesterday by Cabinet Member Iris Johnston so that TDC could enter an auction yesterday to go for 26 Ethelbert Crescent in Margate. The guide price was £195k, TDC wanted to bid pre-auction for £198k and it sold for £194k. This is because of its current use (pretty low usage looking at the info at the auction site) as an HMO. In short, this is the same reason why TDC bought Hotel Leslie.

Ive no problem with this one so Im not going to criticise the decision. I doubt there'll be complaints about lack of consultation with Ward Councillors this time round. The Housing Revenue Account is one of the items tonight so I would imagine we will get an update on this seeing as the money for the property comes from there. I do have one question though. Property auctions dont get put together in 24 hours, so when did TDC first become aware of this auction?

On the Full Council webcast situation, I hear the webcast was put up over a week ago and disappeared off the TDC website frontpage because of the number of links being added. They've now made sure the link is on the frontpage. Still costing an eye-watering £250 a pop though... Ill stick up some thoughts soon.

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