Friday, 16 December 2011

Keeping Margate Central Clean IV

As readers will know, back in August I emailed the Council about a number of concerns I had regarding street cleaning, particularly in the south of Margate Central. Eventually most of them were dealt with and I praised the Council for their work. One of the ones not dealt with by the Council when I was blogging about them at the time is the following, outside Central Studios on Park Place (photo taken in August).

Well, the great news is that its been cleared, by who I don’t know, but all the junks been got rid of and the weeds at the end cleared away completely. A really good job done.

As an update to a couple of those Ive had a big issue with in the Milton/Byron Avenues area, here are a couple of photos taken yesterday. I hope Cllr Alan Poole as new Cabinet Member for Environmental Services will take appropriate action to ensure a lid is kept on it since they are such hotspots. As I said with Cllr Moores, I completely understand there are constraints on the ability of the Council to act and the budget is of course stretched. However there is a duty for the Council to act. Seeing as fancy new “footpath” signs have appeared, this point is underlined.

I'll defnitely be blogging about this again.


Peter Checksfield said...

On a related note, it's good to see all these "footpath" signs popping up all over Thanet; previously it was difficult to know of some public rights of way without consulting an Ordnance Survey map!

James Maskell said...

Definitely agree. I was only sure those alleyways counted when I saw the tattered remains of a KCC modification notice attached to a lamppost behind Byron Avenue!