Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thanet MPs split on Gurkhas

Last night the Government was defeated on a Lib Dem led motion on Gurkhas right to settle in this country. As I posted last time, its a disgrace that the Government wont grant the right to settlement, which is their dues after their own sacrifices for this country. The Governments argument is basically on costs, claiming it would cost upwards of £1bn. If those numbers exist, then publish them. A number of times the question was asked of how such a figure was arrived at but no answer was given to it.

Roger Gale voted in favour of the motion while Stephen Ladyman voted against.


Anonymous said...

An aspect of this issue not examined is this, it is in our interests that Ghurkas settle here.

They are morally superior people.

I recall the change wrought in our nephew after he served in the Army alongside Ghurkas. He was on a PT Instructor course early in his military career.

Back then he was not averse to a drinkie and a self scheduled lay in resulting in a charge for absent on parade.

The course was run in teams. Our lad had been teamed off with two Ghurka PTI trainees. One a world taekwondo champion.

Our lad peeked out from under his covers and saw the two Ghurkas all ready for parade and trying to wake him and help prepare his kit.

"That's alright lads don't get yourself in trouble just tell the Sergeant major I'll see him up the guardroom in due course"

Our lad peeks out from the covers as the barrack room had gone silent.

Two Ghurkas were stood like statues.

"What is it lad"

Then came the words that wrought a profound change in our lad

"You in sh-t ... we in sh-t. Team"

The Ghurkas were waiting for military arrest as well.

So our lad was up like a shot and made it to parade not wanting to drop his unwavering new Ghurka muckers in the cack.

He is now a Permanent Staff Instructor Sergeant of the Army Physical Training Corps.

The young Jocks (another redoubtable martial race) who suffer at his hands in the gym on on the assault course may not recognise the above description of him in his earlier form ten years ago !

Michael Child said...

Hi sorry to go off thread I have set up a new blog and would appreciate it if you would link to it as I have done to yours, it is to be exclusively for publishing local press releases with proper feeds.

I won’t be publishing anything that isn’t mainstream it will be TDC and the main local politicians press releases only.