Friday, 13 June 2008

Local sights

1. Do the police do walks through Dane Park as part of their beats? Last night (around 9.15pm) 4 children were messing about at the redone up playground (not the former tennis court) and sitting on the basketball hoops after climbing up the frame and swearing like troopers at each other. The hoops remain but thats only because they werent heavy enough to dislodge them

2. What were the 19 changes the Council reportedly made to the traffic works at the Victoria Traffic Lights and how late on were they made? It has been said that there will be islands placed between the Victoria Parade and the opposite houses and between the Victoria Pub and Andrew and Jills. Are the islands still to go ahead? It has been quoted that the works will be finished by the end of July. My maths isnt that good but even I can work out that when the second set of dated signs went up, the works were seemingly two weeks behind schedule. Are the works really due to finish by the end of July or is this the time they wish they will finish by? The works are causing serious traffic problems and with the temporary traffic lights moved further away from the junction it's highly unsafe for pedestrians. The temporary traffic lights also run for far longer than before leading to large build ups in traffic.

3. Another sign of trouble on Margate Seafront with the Clock Tower Newsagents up for sale.

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