Friday, 23 May 2008

Crewe goes blue

It had been expected for some time after the problems Labour have made for themselves and the rest of the country and indeed it came to fruition, with Crewe and Nantwich being won by the Conservatives with a 17% swing from Labour to the Conservatives, reversing Labours previously safe 7000 vote majority. Given that Crewe and Nantwich was the 165th target seat for the Conservatives, Im sure there are 164 MPs feeling a little more under the weather, including South Thanet's Stephen Ladyman, with a tiny majority of 664. Apparently Labour is "solidly behind" Brown. I bet they are...all wielding knives.


Anonymous said...

So who do you fancy as the most likely winners for the Council elections here in Thanet?

James Maskell said...

With the Tories nationally in the ascendency I expect them to retain the Council overall and pick up a few more seats. Once all the candidates have been announced for Thanet, Ill probably do a prediction then.