Saturday 16 May 2015

Dreamland Margate Travellers moved on

As readers will know from the Thanet Gazette and Thanet Online, travellers moved into Dreamland car park Sunday afternoon. The Council seemed to be told almost immediately by the staff on site and Monday morning the Council sent a team round as per its protocol.

The good news is that yesterday afternoon they moved on. I'm assuming the Council got its eviction notice or found some other way of persuading them to go. Well done to the Council for getting on top of it quickly

However, the Council didn't contact the properties affected by this. As part of the Dreamland works a tall brick wall has been replaced by a shorter metal fence, reducing the privacy for residents next to the car park. That meant that a series of strip lights attached to the fencing at the Scenic Railway shone directly at the backs of the houses on Belgrave Road.

Moan over.

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